Top five airlines for business travelers

Flying today is more convenient than ever for business class passengers. Here’s what you will be served by these top international airlines.


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With a fleet of more than 230 aircraft, Emirates is the world best airlines as their hub lies in Dubai which has connected to various destinations worldwide. In addition, they show their ground-breaking strategy with innovative advantages, especially showers, making Emirates become one of the most globally influential airlines.

Seat: Emirates’ seat is designed as a suite, providing a high level of privacy for their passengers where you can rest in your very own space behind a door closed. You can also enjoy a drink at the private minibar.

Technology: With its innovative strategy, Emirates’ technology is no doubt an outstanding aspect compared to other airlines. There are more than 2,500 channels of movies and TV shows available on demand and in multiple languages. Wi-Fi and other personal mobile-phone services are also speedy and easy to use.

Food: Emirates’ premium food service is convenient and notable. There is nothing better than waking up at 40,000ft, taking a shower with Bulgarian soaps and shampoos then getting back and tasting the best breakfast which includes a fresh ginger, mint and lime wake-me-up juice, and a cappuccino with the Emirates logo picked out in the chocolate on top. And if you like, you may enjoy a cheeky glass of Dom Pérignon 2004.

Service:  Emirates provide several classy services under the international standards with its hub located in Dubai that is a place of cultural symbiosis from almost all corners of the globe. Hence, spoken language here is diversified; passengers can easily communicate with Emirates’ crew.

Extras: Emirates offers a wide range of services such as the chauffeur service to and from the airport, spa treatments with excellent Thai therapies and on-board stationery giving you retro experiences. Its only downside is that during the peak hours between 10am and 3am in Dubai International Airport, it can be a chaos with too many people walking around.

Luggage allowance: 110lb (50kg).

Quantas Airways

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After a few years of recession, Qantas has stepped up to stage by an incredible deal with Emirates instead of British Airways. Through the joint network of Qantas and Emirates, Qantas’ passengers have access to more destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, the UK and Europe. Today, its service is the most genuine among other airlines. Moreover, Qantas’ A380s are equipped with the best livery and the most stylish interiors by Sydneysider and Apple designer Marc Newson.

Seat: The seat is designed as a flat bed with the full length of 212cm, comprising two super soft sheepskin mattresses. You can either sleep on it or swivel to face towards your dining companion.

Technology: In spite of having no Wi-Fi, entertainment programmes are shown on 17in touchscreens. On-board service may not be as outstanding as Emirates but Qantas does have its own highlight as the first airline to offer Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets on certain flights and therefore, some travellers are able to access and experience the lively virtual world while flying over the skies.

Food: Neil Perry from the famous Rockpool restaurant in Sydney will provide an amazing menu of miso-glazed Patagonian tooth fish with broccoli, roast pumpkin and sesame dressing, served with Tyrrell’s Vat 1 Hunter Semillon 2007. For breakfast, a healthy meal of buffalo-milk yoghurt with banana and passion fruit, followed by sweet corn fritters with bacon, avocado, crème fraiche and tomato jam will wake you up in the morning. And if you want, you can also have Vegemite either.

Service: Qantas see passengers’ personality is the key value to make a great airline. You will truly feel the Australian spirit as the majority of their staffs come from Australia with their charm which is a combination of formality and how-ya’-goin’ manners.

Extras: Chauffeur service, spa treatments from Aurora Spa, and a First Host to assist with travel needs will be offered for your first impression.

Luggage allowance: 110lb (50kg).

Etihad Airways

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James Hogan, the head of Etihad Airways, realizes that airlines have developed too much like airlines and not enough like hotels as he states: “An airline is airplanes. We’re a hospitality company. We want to create more of a boutique hotel experience”. Therefore, he desires to work and raises the new bars for airlines industry.

Seat: High-walled First Apartments off a single aisle come with a Poltrona Frau leather seat and separate chaise longue which can be reformed into a 6-foot 8-inch bed. There are a wardrobe, chilled mini-bar and vanity unit. Adjacent apartments together can be combined to generate a double bed.

Technology: Wi-Fi is available. There are over 100 films, 250 TV shows, 16 radio channels, a 350 CD library and nearly 60 games are available for entertainment. Calls and e-chat between seats enable passengers to comfortably conduct any business meetings needed.

Food: An on-board chef can give you such “off-menu” items as made-to-order eggs, rib-eye steak or grilled fish with a flute of Billecart-Salmon champagne.

Service: Etihad, along with Singapore Airlines, is the most attentive in the sky. Etihad’s new three-room suite in first class named The Residence has its own Savoy-trained butler.

Extras: Like Emirates, Etihad also offers a shower. Its lobby is an on-board area, encompassing seats, tables and a large-screen TV showing live sport. A cigar bar and a chauffeur service are also available in its lounge in Abu Dhabi.

Luggage allowance: 140lb (64kg).

Singapore Airlines

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Being the first to own A380, Singapore Airlines has the perks to name its first class differently as Suites Class. It remains the traditional names for other planes.

Seat: A mini-room designed with Italian leather walls and plantation-style shutters, which can satisfy several passengers with different preferences. In details, some people feel comfortable being seen while others do not.

Technology: Wi-Fi is provided with over 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment available to watch on 23in screens.

Food: Singapore Airlines is the only airline that serves either Krug Grand Cuvée or Dom Perignon 2004 – with caviar before take-off. While on-air, you can have the meal you order when you book. It might be lobster thermidor or a classic cheese toastie.

Service: The best in the sky.

Extras: Singapore Airlines acknowledges that airport is the most awful part of air travel. For that reason, at Changi, first-class passengers have their own terminal and pass through private immigration and security. If you are flying on an A380, you can relax in the Private Room, which is only for Suites Class passengers. The only drawback of Singapore Airlines is the bad livery of its A380s. The interiors, on the other hand, are good.

Luggage allowance: 110lb (50kg).

Qatar Airways

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Qatar is well known for its bar especially its on-board champagne bar in its A380 that is decorated with freshly-cut flowers, gorgeous chandeliers and completed in real gold. Qatar has the smallest dimension of A380 compared to other airlines with only eight seats and overhead bins removal which leads to the feeling of high ceilings.

Seat: Qatar’s first class seat is the largest, softest and the most luxurious of all airlines. The seat is designed with a 90-inch seat pitch, 180-degree flat-beds and a massage function coming with Missoni pyjamas and slippers. The table is able to be extended, allowing two people to dine with convenience.

Technology: The Android-based system is equipped with a touchscreen handset, giving you a “second screen experience”. You can either watch a film on the 26-inch high-definition screen, or follow the flight progress on the handset and watch the pilot’s view from the external landscape cameras.

Food: A variety of caviar, obviously, but it’s the wine that stands out: Krug Grand Cuvée, Joseph Drouhin Clos de la Garenne Premier Cru Puligny Montrachet 2010, Château d’Yquem Sauternes Premier Cru Superieur 2008.

Service: One of the most attentive airlines but a little stiff and over-deferential. Like its home country, Qatar Airways needs to loosen its dishdasha.

Extras: No chauffeur service, which seems unusual, but the best wash bags with large-sized Armani products are well compensated.

Luggage allowance: 110lb (50kg)