The beauty of prefabricated steel houses

Nowadays, there are many homeowners who intend to construct prefabricated steel houses instead of traditional ones. For both accommodation and lodging fields, it is guessed to become a trend in the coming time.

What are prefab houses?
They are special dwelling types of prefabricated buildings in which almost elements are manufactured off-site in advance. Such elements are normally modular types for the purpose of easy transportation and assembly.

Pros and Cons
One of the most advanced features of prefab steel is durability. Metal or particularly steel has strong structure with high load ability and good deal with any weather conditions. Another advantage is saving time on construction because all elements are modularized, sustainability, eco-friendliness, and cost saving.

However, the prefabricates steel houses have some disadvantages. First of all, it requires the higher technical factors in construction and very experienced workers for assembly. In parallel, building prefabricated steel houses is usually in need of a large site for huge mechanics and equipment. At last, there are limitations on house geometry so this house often has modern architectural style rather than others.

Despite inflexibility and limitations to depict diversity of architecture, exposed steel frames have its own uniqueness presented as in the following.

House Bear, South Africa

By mixing together of steel, granite, glass, House Bear is a typical example of utilizing steel members for décor elements.

The house is formed in rectangular with a random diagonal bracing bars which are combined with full height glazing system to make a very unique façade from outside view.

The Finest Magazine - House Bear - South Africa 5

For the indoor space, the designers present a modern and minimalism interior style to keep everything in neat. Such elegant design style seems to be in harmony with steel frames to create a consistency object.

By exposing the steel, architects not only express the architectural design intent but also implicitly reflect their own capacity in structural discipline.

In retaining with the theme of the randomly steel bars, dark lines on the ceiling are created to interlink all elements and spaces together.

St Andrews Beach House, Australia

Combination between timber and steel in below prefabricated house is a clear evidence of the art. Together with the minimalist aesthetic and bespoke interior, this residence makes an attraction from the first look.

Situated in a land having very harsh winds blowing from the sea, architects used strong materiality of steel and timber against the existing hard condition of the weather.

For the purpose of allowing a wide range of views towards to surrounding landscape, full-height glazing walls and doors are applied as much as possible in the space.

It is a bit difference to House Bear, this residence shows less of structural steel members and provides a clean ceiling instead. This allows interior designers to have a flexibility in their design with much more decorating solutions.

It is obviously that the prefabricated steel buildings now are not bound in the shape of factory and industry plants. By the ingenious flexibility of architects, the finest houses come from prebuilt are born more and more, bringing us a necessary diversity in design and construction.