Double bonus miles with Vietnam Airlines

In January 2018, Vietnam Airlines operates Premium Economy on the route between Vietnam and Tokyo. This service, exploiting routes to the cherry blossom country is to meet a growing travel demand to Japan’s exciting capital, while affirming the image, position and outstanding product quality of Vietnam Airlines in Japan’s market. Premium Economy will be operated […]

Indulge in flavour of fall

Mid-autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, is one of the most important festivals in some Asian countries which own the agricultural background. Held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month when the moon is at its fullest, this festival is to celebrate harvest and family gatherings. Along with playing laterns and performing lion dance, eating mooncakes is one of the most popular traditions in the Moon Festival.

Top 10 nocturnal festivals in the world

These 10 traditional night-time festivals are representative of cultures around the world, and each city or country are well worth a visit–from celebrations of life and rebirth to sacred rituals of cleansing and purification, The Finest Magazine will bring you some favorite international nocturnal festivals throughout the world.

Fascinating wedding traditions worldwide

Wedding cultures are not just limited with the first dance and tossing bouquets. These customs have shown that there are various ways to say “I do”. We have rounded up eight most inspiring rituals to give you some ideas of what is happening outside your backyard. So if you are specifically charmed by a certain custom, feel free to adapt it into your own wedding ceremony, even if it is off-culture.