Sculpt the leisure

Not only being a trend, artworks and sculptures also become integral parts of hotels and resorts to bring unrivaled experience. Just pack your luggage and follow the journey by The Finest Magazine to tour some of properties with exquisite works around the world.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

As part of the “Art in the Forest” exhibition, the multi-sized sculptures located within the landscape of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort tell interesting stories about origins of life, ties between Mother Nature and humans through catching every soft breath and subtle movements of nature in combination with cultural values of this prosperous land.

Sunbeams in Forest inspired by natural phenomena with ironwood

The Power of the Land inspired by cultural values of the land

Seeds using inox with tubular structures with high contrast to describe sustainable and continual living

Tropical Rain representing an active and moving life and nature

Shaped from diverse modeling materials including wood, stone, iron, and stainless steel, such outdoor artworks are absolutely in harmony with natural settings of this eco-resort, bringing new visual impressions to guests besides leisure experience.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

Peix sculpture on Barcelona’s seafront

Throughout Hotel Arts Barcelona, many hundreds of paintings and lithographs hang in rooms, on landings and in hallways, while sculptures adorn the garden areas. Therein, Frank Gehry’s 115-foot-tall steel Peix sculpture seems to be swimming in front of this property.

An overview of this marvelous artwork

As an integral part of the hotel, such sculpture imitates graceful movements of a fish in the ocean, and includes shimmering bronze scales that can change color tones by the day’s shifting light. At that time, the iconic piscatorial piece does not only shadow over the swimming pool but also dominate all angle views within the 44-storey hotel.

Hilton Anatole, Dallas

Nebula lights at Hilton Anatole’s Grand Atrium

Comprising 4,500 amber crystals, Nebula is an unique kinetic sculpture, floating more than 50 feet in the air in the heart of Hilton Anatole’s Grand Atrium. Flanked with balcony rising up ten stories, this monumental work is a perfect combination of movement, light and science, sparkling like stars at night.

Nebula floats in the space

Additionally, Hilton Anatole also houses the largest collection of art and antiques ever assembled in an American hotel, including pieces that have graced the palaces of kings, emperors and czars.

The Peninsula Paris

Dancing Leaves in the lobby

Inheriting traditions of Bohemian glass production, marvelous artworks in The Peninsula Paris that is located in a 19th century classic building with Haussmann and neoclassical styles can amaze you from the first sight.

A simulation of leaves on the street

Shining the main lobby, Dancing Leaves is created with 800 hand-blown glasses, resembling falling leaves of the sycamore tree that is a typical plant in Paris and the Champs Elysées district. Such glass installation is impressive with a flying set-up from the ceiling to the ground, giving the mixture of harmony and balance.

InterContinental Shanghai Puxi

A lively art flows through the space

A ribbon that meanders, loops, and twists in its way through the two bright lobbies is created exclusively for the InterContinental Hotel in Shanghai to challenge all virtues of glass. Using an elegant language of sculpture, such artwork consists of eleven sculptural elements with thousands of individual glass tubes, making a look like a Chinese calligraphic line floating in the space.