Discover a hidden gemstone in Vietnam

Located on the south-central coast of Vietnam, Quy Nhon is a charismatic haven in Binh Dinh province with unspoiled sandy beaches, diverse local culinary and unique historical and cultural vestiges. As a quintessential backpacking route in Southeast Asia, the land of immemorial Cham Kingdom brings authentic experience to explorers who desire adventures away from sprawling urban metropolises.

Journey to undiscovered land of religions, histories and seascapes

It takes about one hour to travel by plane between Binh Dinh province to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and six hours by bus from Nha Trang or Hoi An, another beautiful destination on The Road of Heritage Sites in Vietnam’s Central region. You can easily transport from Binh Dinh province to the Central Highlands of Vietnam, or to Cambodia and Laos. Whilst tourism is increasing in Quy Nhon, this lovely and pleasant city has been untouched by mass tourism yet, and it remains relatively off the beaten track for the majority of travelers.

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Magnificent natural beauties within easy reach

The long coastline in Quy Nhon city and its nearby location makes attractive bays, beaches and seascapes for sports in the water and strolls.

Driving 3km from the center of Quy Nhon city through the path of wild orchids, acacias and daisies, travellers drop by Ghenh Rang tourist site at the foot of Xuan Van Mountain. Such marine land covers a blue ocean, white sandbanks with cool water and a breathtaking view. Ghenh Rang has greeted bathers in search of relaxation for many years and is the destination of the most fantastic vermilion twilight in Vietnam.

From Ghenh Rang, the stunning Queen Beach, the tomb of talented poet Han Mac Tu, the silent Waiting for Husband Rock, Tien Sa beach, Phuong Mai peninsula, and the whole panoramic city view will be caught in your sight or reached by walking. Notably, Queen Beach, or Stone Egg Beach, is well-known for millions of rocks and pebbles in diverse colours and shapes piling up together under the clear blue water.

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Traversing over Thi Nai, the longest cross-sea bridge in Vietnam, towards the north-east of Quy Nhon, travellers will reach Wind Waist beach, the most charming destination to contemplate sunset in Vietnam. Situated between two mountains, Wind Waist embraces sweet melodies of nature from waves nicely slapping against rocky cliffs, and multi-shaped caves where swallows builds their nets inside.

A corner of Wind Waist in Quy Nhon

For adventurous travellers, Dry Islet mini trip is assured to be a distinctive journey to satisfy their interests in conquering rocky mountain, swimming, snorkelling and scuba-diving. During calm season, the small island welcomes visitors with fine sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs, green lawns and freshwater from cracked cliffs. Besides, travellers can also tour the Phuong Mai sand dune to experience the roughly 100-meter-high sand dune and its panoramic view which changes its shape daily, even hourly, due to strong winds blowing from Nhon Ly beach.

Gateway to ancient kingdom and sacred haven

Within easy day-trip distance, Twin Towers and Silver Tower (or Banh It Tower) are important remnants of Cham dynasty which have tremendously influenced on indigenous culture since the eleventh century. Using now-forgotten construction techniques to cement bricks together, the 800-year-old Twin Towers is situated right in the city and resembles Khmer temples in the Angkor Wat area with delicate bas-reliefs and sculptures. Located 20km on the north of Quy Nhon, the imposing Silver Tower includes four restored towers on a hilltop with specific architectural characteristics and superb views over the unspoiled surrounding countryside. King Citadel (or Do Ban Citadel, known as the erstwhile capital of Vijaya), Binh Dinh Museum and Long Khanh Pagoda are also worth checking out.

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If you are curious about the local religion and history, Quang Trung King Museum with nine galleries including important relics related to the Tay Son insurrection and the Altar of Heaven and Earth located on the highest peak of An Son mountains may be highly recommended.

Tranquil fishing villages

Located on Phuong Mai Peninsula, Nhon Ly, Nhon Hoi and Nhon Hai fishing villages owns picturesque location with vast landscape and jungles. A scattering of small tile-roofed houses and some ancient pagodas complete this peaceful scene which is a secluded place to hide away from the rigours of daily life.

Palatable local cuisine

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Quy Nhon is a dreaming land for seafood lovers. This port city supplies variety of fresh seafood daily, including king crabs and slipper lobsters as local specialties. Customers can choose their favorite seafood in tanks and tubs in front of vendor shops and restaurants which will be then prepared according to indigenous recipes. It would be a pity unless you make a food travel to enjoy fish noodles, shrimp pancakes and buy some dried seafood at local markets.