Inspired design from elegance of bamboo

Known as a quintessential tropical paradise, bamboo can be found everywhere in Southeast Asia and is the definition of sustainability. In combination with vernacular craft traditions, local ancient habitants used this natural resource as structural elements for construction and decoration long time ago. Nowadays, the beauty beyond time of bamboo has inspired remarkably eco-friendly architecture and green construction applied in numerous leisure properties throughout Southeast Asia.

For building structure

Bamboo is a great source for replenishing of materials resulted from its fast growth. Bamboo is non-polluting and does not have crusts or parts that can be considered waste. Instead of adding to the problems of polluting land-fills like conventional building waste, any part of the bamboo that is not used is recycled back into the earth as fertilizer can be processed as bamboo charcoal. Growing bamboo can be served as a light structural element for buildings and lowering the seismic impacts. As a building material, to protect the bamboo from moisture rotting, it is required to add waterproof coatings to the exterior. These waterproof coatings may reduce the swelling of the bamboo when in contact with the moisture of young concrete. Without such protection, the bamboo will swell before the concrete has developed sufficient strength to prevent cracking, and the member may be damaged.

Located in the Thailand’s biggest island, Keemala Phuket is a small wellness-focused resort in the woodlands just outside the village and beach of Kamala, on the west coast of the island. Distinctive in design, which embraces the Thai culture in a unique and exceptional manner, the villas are a magical and whimsical mixing of clay, straw with bamboo.

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The 6-storey Sharma Spring situated in Green Village, Bali is part of a master-planned community of eighteen dramatically unique homes which were designed and rigorously engineered to embody the inherent strengths and versatility of bamboo. Each detail in all rooms is designed with bamboo material which perfectly complements for the whole property. Whereas, the open space for lounge and dining area create a linkage between customers and stunning natural scenery.

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Comprising the harmony of bamboo, wind and water, Bamboo Wings imitates bird wings flying over the natural landscape of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort which is an integrated development situated near Hanoi, Vietnam. Articulated around a quiet pool of water, the 12 meter open space includes numerous stalks of bamboo aligned methodically in a semicircle without any vertical column in combination with seats systematically placed according to the rhythm of the design.

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For designing interior

In terms of interior decoration, consumers are looking for environmentally-friendly alternatives to hardwood floors, furniture, cabinets, wall coverings, ceilings. More are finding that bamboo is not only a green alternative but often superior to traditional hardwoods. Bamboo is light but very durable and more resistant to wear and dings than oak, maple, and most other hardwoods as well as easy to clean, maintain and offer the natural beauty and versatility of hardwoods without the environmental impact.

Blending contemporary style with colonial elegance on a tranquil beachfront setting, The L_o_n_g Bar at the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort finds behind black and white lacquered bamboo an elongated surfboard table and nesting chairs loosely derived from Asian fishermen’s baskets and round wooden trays borrowed directly from Southeast Asian hill tribes. The ceiling is decorated with a fanciful row of electric-powered punkah fans, expressing the colonial-style architecture once again.

Pendant bamboo chairs at The L_o_n_g Bar

Extensively redecorated in 2012, Bamboo Bar at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi within the heart of Hanoi’s historic quarter has been attracting chic clientele and connoisseurs. Heritage traditions of the interior mixed with magical textures and natural timbers creates a comfortable and stylish contemporary aesthetic. Constructed in the traditional tropical pavilion-style with thatched roof and high ceilings, the impressive solid timber bar is the centerpiece of the room, whereas the woven rattan sofas and extensive bamboo wall paneling evoke an understated retro-chic.

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Bamboo Bar at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Meanwhile, Iniala Beach House is a minimalist fantasy inspired by Thai culture and Buddhism, includes beds and sofas suspended from the ceiling by wicker bamboo.

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It is an extraordinary creation by using a modern take on traditional Thai craftsmen’s techniques. Designer wove intricate cocoon beds out of wicker, allowing the weave to twist and flow upward to form ‘clouds’ on the ceiling. The resort’s interior was conceived according to an oriental concept of simplicity albeit with extraordinary attention to detail such as bamboo blinds or Lana lanterns.