How mini homes enter the modern living?

Mini apartment or studio is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in big cities where living often comes with a higher price tag. Besides, the concept of life is fast changing among young people who desire to have a private space which integrates living – eating – playing facilities together.

However, within the scale of this article, we only focus on the interior design aspect to clarify how to efficiently plan the space in a mini apartment and studio because, living in such narrow area can be extremely challenging.

Creation of the people is infinite, especially in the field of architecture and interior. What do you think you will manage an apartment with an area of only 30sqm? From mezzanine floor to multi-zone living area, or clever storage/ multi-functional furniture, answers are all in the air.

Open space or multi-functional living area

The best way to deal with narrow and small space is to have an open space for all essential features. In this apartment, the living area is located adjacent to a dining table and kitchen counter.

Besides, bedroom separated by glass door seems to be wider and bigger. Dominated by concrete, bricks, and wood, this industrial style apartment will be intended for the one who loves the style of roughness and natural inspiration.

Minimalist style

Using a consistency tone and removing all unnecessary things are design ideas for tiny apartments in the following images. The white-painted wall makes the room less narrow. By blending wood slat wall, the sleeping area seems to be isolated however, it also allows light to overrun to the bed.

A sleep cube in between living sofa and kitchen cabinet makes this studio look nice and elegant. This above apartment illustrates another design idea that may be suitable to a long and narrow space.

Smart furniture

Another intelligent selection is smart furniture. All-in-one furniture has become trendy in the manufacturing industry. This dining table with four wheels can be arranged neatly into the kitchen counter. In parallel, space above kitchen is also utilized for storage. The 5S workplace organization from Japanese including “Sort”, “Set In order”, “Shine”, “Standardize” and “Sustain” was thoroughly applied into this apartment.

Having said that, the designer packed ingeniously all elements into one cube, allowing to take advantages of every centimeter of these apartments.

Mezzanine space

In our opinion, the duplex apartment having mezzanine floor on the upper level is shaping the trend. Such unit usually includes a full high living area whilst the kitchen is positioned underneath the mezzanine floor. This design allows us to utilize space above the kitchen to the extent that does not require a high ceiling level. The space upper the kitchen may be allocated for bedroom or library room depending on homeowner’s demand.

A special feature in these duplex apartments is they provide “a high ceiling living area” that conventional apartments cannot give. By this way, the more natural light with many addons will come to the home. Specifically, the natural light may prevent depression, make us feel healthier as well as reduce power consumption.