Green Walls by Patrick Blanc

In this article, The Finest Magazine guides you to the journey of green walls particularly designed by Patrick Blanc, the French godfather of vertical gardens.

Max Juvenal Bridge, France

The French botanist of Patrick Blanc covered this bridge with a green layer of trees and bushes but not old grey slab of concrete as usual, making it livelier than ever.

Max Juvenal Bridge in Aix-en-Provence by Patrick Blanc

Finished in 2008, an astonishing number of 22,000 plants was required to create the awe-inspiring work of art with the height of 15 meters high and the surface area of 650sqm.

Icon Hotel, Hong Kong

The new hip and stylish hotel, Hotel Icon, in Tsim Sha Tsui has grown a vertical green garden at the lounge and bar located in the hotel lobby. Also created by Patrick Blanc, this 230sqm design it the largest of its kind and the first to implement ORCA (Organic Refuse Conversation Alternative) in Asia.

Vertical garden embracing the bridge

In combination with many variations of plants that balance the indoor humidity level due to use of air conditioner, this patented vertical garden also contributes to a psychological and relaxing well-being of the people who are within the boundaries of the wall. Thus, it provides a heart-warming and soothing atmosphere for guests when entering the hotel or enjoying their meals, in addition to being a feature which compliments to the hotel’s contemporary décor.

Patrick Blanc’s work look from stair at Icon Hotel

Quai Branly Museum, France

Let’s continue with another famous vertical garden with its facade designed by Patrick Blanc, close to the Eiffel Tower. The vertical garden is actually a piece of art located within Quai Branly Museum by Atelier Nouvel.

Quai Branly Museum may open by June 2018

This astonishing living tapestry was planted throughout the summer of 2004 with approximately 22,000 plants of 376 different species and trees which come from all over the world and is pruned every year to remain its growth. After more than a decade, the façade has been redesigned with the main objective of strengthening the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building, and may open by June 2018.

Caixa Forum, Spain

Caixa Forum in Madrid, Spain is among the most impressive vertical gardens by Patrick Blanc. Dealing with frequent heat waves during the whole summer, local people always desire for a relief from the blistering sun. Thus, the lush green wall of Patrick Blanc has well done for beckoning guests for a break after spending a few hours at Prado Museum just down the street.

The vertical garden of the CaixaForum Madrid is the first to be installed in Spain

From the beginning, this building is a former power plant built in 1899, and one of the few examples of industrial architecture left in the old section of the city. In 2008, it was designed by Patrick Blanc to become one of the world’s most lush living walls to date. This vertical garden has over 250 species in a mass of over 15,000 plants, forming a miniature oasis which is perfect for the hot Madrid.

10th Annual Orchid Show, U.S.A

The walls in this show are inspired by Patrick Blanc’s many travels to tropical environments

The Ordchid Show was held at The New York Botanical Garden in March 2012 which is another work by “green man” Patrick Blanc. This nation’s largest and only curated orchid exhibition was unlike any other orchid show ever seen because spectacular walls of living foliage began with a dramatic 8’ x 16’ wall which was erected in the Reflecting Pool of the Palms of the World Gallery and planted with vibrant orchids, ferns, and other foliage, in combination with water elements.

Orchids and the other plants are used delicately to create glamorous patterns of colors and shapes

By using thousands of orchids and companion plantings as his palette, inspired by journeys to tropical environments, these walls are clad with Blanc’s distinctive plantings of lush ferns and tropical foliage plants such as zebra basket vine, rex begonia vine, showy Medinilla, chain cactus, and Krauss’ spike-moss mixed with brilliant orchids, to create glamorous patterns of colours and shapes.