Green lungs in urban areas

Nowadays, the human needs “the silence”, including mental and physical one in the hustle and bustle of city life. There is nothing better for them than strolling and breathing the fresh air while immersing in green stunning landscape. Therefore, the park in urban areas not only plays a role as “a green lung” that is always indispensable, but also sometimes becomes an architectural icon that is worth a visit. Let’s take a tour around some parks worldwide with The Finest Magazine to get your own feelings.

Baotou Vanke Central Park, China

Reborn from a former wasteland, ZAP Associates LLC brought a new life for Baotou Vanke Central Park which has become an impressive point for entire landscape of Baotou. The architects combined design and sustainable developing elements to create a new kind of abundant ecologically landscape.

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Located on the land with an area of 89,030 sqm, the park is covered by lush landscape of lake, rolling hills and fresh gardens, accommodating various outdoor activities for both adult and children. Specifically, a curved-steel bridge creates a walking-pedestrian throughout the freshwater lake below. In addition, the Crescent Bay beside the bridge shows the charm of exquisite modern design with a simple flowing curve.

Confluence Park, U.S.A

Inspired by the confluence of San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek, Lake|Flato Architects and Matsys Design created Confluence Park by pavilions that seem like the soft “petal” standing on the ground with an area of 900 ft². The pavilions made by concrete gather to collect rainwater into a catchment rainwater system that provides the main water source for the entire park.

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The pavilions do not only bring shade and shelter for various activities underneath, but also express the direct relation of water cycle to San Antonio River. Furthermore, there is also a multi-purpose Estella Avery Education Centre, featuring a green roof that offers thermal mass for passive heating and cooling, serving as a classroom space overlooking to pavilions to diversify functions of park.

Koper Central Park, Slovenia

Located at the 26,000 sqm area nearby the beach, Enota designed Koper Central Park like a place which allows the late-night events and concerts and children playground.

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The architects created the concrete organic geometries with different levels that not only make landscape softer and more harmonious with surrounding beach sense, but also provides an interesting place to serve the recreational activities for children. These geometries are followed by the grass-colour tiles that are freely arranged to create a unique path for guests to define their own space.

Crescent Park, United States America

Crescent Park was transformed from an industrial zone of New Orleans in an effort to reconnect people with the Mississippi riverfront and nature. Designed by Eskew, Dumez, and Ripple, the crescent lines stretching for 20-acres of the indigenous landscape created a network of paths filled by plants for outdoor activities such as a picnic area, a dog park, walking, jogging, and biking.

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Besides, the architects wisely reused the Piety Wharf and Mandeville Shed to accommodate public gatherings, festivals, and exhibitions throughout the year.

Jojutla Central Gardens, Mexico

Being one of the most affected communities of Morelos state, Mexico after the devastating earthquake in September 2017, the remnants elements without damage on the foundation of Jojutla Civic Centre were good ideas for MMX to design Jojutla Central Garden. Jojutla inhabitants, community leaders, as well as historians supported so much to form the concept design of architects.

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Based on 9,144 sqm area of land lot, the dome modules were diagonally intertwined, creating a strong structure for community spaces and activities. The local construction material is especially prioritized such as artisanal ochre brick and basaltic grey stone to bring the closeness and simplicity to Jojutla inhabitants. Accordingly, lush vegetation is planted surrounding the dome structure system, making a green and unique landscape for entire garden.