Fly forests to the sky

It’s human instinct to live close to the nature, for which various ideas in the field of architecture have come out to incorporate green spaces into every corner of both landed properties and high-rise buildings. Vertical gardens, a lush greenery set throughout residential and mixed-use towers, are now in focus with flourishing appearance, especially in regions with tropical climates. But for Forest In The Sky, a green housing estate applied with vertical gardens in Vietnam, the story may be told in a very upgraded version.

Forest In The Sky, a green housing estate including vertical gardens

There are up to 50,000 trees coating roofs and four façades, including balconies of 172 condominiums at the 11-storey Forest In The Sky. The mentioned collection of shrubs, flowers, and vines, of which big trees even need a crane for being lifted and arranged at the top floors, colors this condotel project with a lively green, forming a special construction work by the picturesque Dai Lai Lake.

The whole building looks like a tropical rainforest covered with shrubs, flowers and vines

As part of the 123-hectare Flamingo Dai Lai Resort which is dedicated to the landscape, residents of Forest In The Sky can see trees and flowers blooming inside out, not in a suffocating but delicate way based on the subtle blending and smooth transition between this lush vegetation with other architectural and interior factors including ceiling-to-floor windows, wooden items, and lighting systems. All is combined in harmony to relieve the monotony of living in concrete and magnify enjoyment of every resident utmost.

Amazing landscape from Forest In The Sky

While vertical gardens blow the fresh air of the Tam Dao Mount and Dai Lai Lake to the whole building and condominiums themselves, adding state-of-the-art green technologies like automatic ventilation and temperature control system, hot water supply and cooling system, modern solar-powered drip irrigation system combined with eco-friendly construction materials such as cellular lightweight concrete, on the other hand, helps residents deal with issues of the environmental quality, energy saving, and of course, respective payments.

 Wonderful experience with view towards Tam Dao Mount

In comparison with other buildings which are constructed with traditional architecture and techniques, Forest In The Sky with its ample greenery and equipments is estimated to save 40% – 50% of energy and 30% of water usage. Following to preventing heat transfer from outdoors, certain plants at Forest In The Sky brings less air-conditioned space which means lower energy bills and improvement of air circulation for anti-bacteria, highly appreciated in Vietnam with hot and humid weather year-round.

Forest In The Sky opened the first development phase within the site of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort which is an award-winning integrated development in the North of Vietnam, providing an oasis of calm with unique experience for both business and leisure travelers.