Inside a masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for his love for nature as well as his ‘organic’ style in architecture. He believes that nature should be a part of any construction, interact and benefit each other, which is also the main philosophy in most of his works. As one of his iconic buildings, Fallingwater in Pennsylvania also attracted people from all over the world coming to see its unusual structure. Even though it is hard to capture all of this masterpiece’s beauty, The Finest Magazine will get you a considerable experience about Fallingwater.

Built from 1936 to 1939, Fallingwater is the name of Edgar Kaufmann’s house located in southwestern Pennsylvania with featured design by American genius architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Instead of standing on a solid ground, this house stretches out over a 9.1-meter waterfall by an architectural device known as the cantilever. Such unique house is also the best example for one of the four building styles of Frank Lloyd Wright, which is defined as “organic”. This term refers to his belief that houses should be built from the land rather than on the land, belong to the land and blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscapes.

View at the main (living room) area, from South – Southeast

Visiting Fallingwater would be a totally different experience from what you have ever read or learned from any sources. This place used to be a haven for the Kaufmann family and their friends to stay as a weekend retreat for years, and now has become a big tourist attraction under the management of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy with 167,270 travellers in 2015.

Southeast exterior with stairs to stream & waterfall

From the first step to this land, Wright discovered its natural quintessence such as the powerful sound of the falls, the vitality of the young forest, the dramatic rock ledges and boulders, which were able to be interwoven with his serenely soaring spaces of his structure. But deep inside Wright’s intention, it was not only a perfect combination but also a belief that people were, indeed, creatures of nature and hence, an architecture which conformed to nature would also conform people’s soul.

Fallingwater in the middle of nature

Wright surprised the Kaufmanns by his drawings as they thought that their house would have a very beautiful view of the falls. But it was hard to even see it as the house is at the top of the fall in this design. However, Wright explained that he wanted them to consider these falls as part of the house, not just a thing to look at. Indeed, broad expanses of windows and low ceilings draw people’s attention directly to the outside view. Meanwhile, the natural melody of the house is also embellished by luminous textures of the woodland. The structural materials merge into the colorings of rocks and trees, while occasional accents are decorated by bright furnishings, like wildflowers or birds outside.

Living room from entrance

Another feature of this house is a wide range of ways to get in and out and hence, visitors can hardly determine which one is the main entrance. They can always find themselves a place inside the house for either sociability or privacy to enjoy the diversity of seasonal surroundings, which may bring them a different experience of so-called true living.

Other corner of living room

Fallingwater with its unique design has been proven as one of Wright’s greatest works especially in his organic style. A photo of Fallingwater was even posted on the cover of Time Magazine on January 1938. Additionally, it is the only major Wright-designed building that is opened for the public to indulge in the amazing combination of artificiality and nature.  For its startling integration of stone walls anchored to the bedrock and modern reinforced concrete terraces hovering in space, the U.S. architectural historian Joseph Connors commented that Fallingwater might be considered as ‘one of the great critiques of the modern movement in architecture, and simultaneously one of its masterpieces’. Therein, Fallingwater has a seemingly modern structure but give people an ancient feel at the same time.

Interior of Fallingwater

Fallingwater is broadly known and has welcomed thousands of visitors each year. What makes it attractive is that it is a masterpiece which people would never imagine through either words or pictures. What is more, Wright’s reputation also drew more attention from the public as even before witnessing the completed Fallingwater. People has talked about what is so called new work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Third floor stair with bookshelves

Wright has created a classic that not only experts but also the public have to admire. Fallingwater is no doubt a great creation of Wright’s massive work collection in particular and American architecture, the architecture of this century, and possibly in all architecture in general.

A corner of kitchen