Beautifully landscaped home gardens

These lush landscapes will make you dream of afternoons spent outdoors.

Following jewelry designer Elizabeth Locke’ request, a new kitchen wing at the right was created by Andy Lewis of Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects for her Federal-style farmhouse Clay Hill in Virginia. Additionally, the interiors were also updated by Alison Martin, a decorator. Landscape designer Sue Bowman then generated distinctive Italianate gardens with boxwood parterres and walls of reclaimed limestone.

Dating from the 1550s, Cole Park is the English country manor owned by designer Anouska Hempel and her husband, Sir Mark Weinberg. Anouska Hempel likes to live in a house with a moat while her husband prefers living in the pristine English countryside belong to the West London, so they have found Cole Park which meets both of their needs. Their home gardens comprise high hornbeam hedges and a Belgian-stone table which is flanked by rows of catalpa trees.

The homeowners of this lakefront getaway in upstate New York designed by McAlpine expanded their property by buying and razing a neighboring home. Hence, their property now engaged with a beautiful garden outfitted with chaise lounges.

Oscar de la Renta’s home in Dominic Republic has an artful garden, including both of the bristling century plant and variegated agave at left, lanky candelabra euphorbia at center and golden-barrel cactus, throughout.

Located on the terrace of designer Ken Fulk’s home in San Francisco, the Zen-inspired garden features flowering dogwood branches spilling across an antique Japanese worktable which is partially shaded by a grove of Japanese maple. The benches and deck which are used on the house’s façade are redwood.

Designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber, this Manhattan garden is surrounded by mirror-backed trelliswork from Accents of France.

Being the home of a Brazilian soldier, this Brazilian villa designed by Isay Weinfeld is where vintage iron-wire chairs are set closely to a florist’s worktable.

In this Los Angeles home, the Italianate garden located on the entrance courtyard is designed by a local firm, Modern Floristry, comprising a pair of fountains which are ordered from Authentic Provence.

In this Brooklyn home, the terrace which is shaded by a dogwood leads to the garden formed by Christina Michas Landscape Design.

Situated on the grounds of a California residence created by Elizabeth Everdell Garden Design, there is a boxwood parterre filled with beautiful viola and petunia flowers.

In another corner of the California residence, the garden is embellished with foxgloves, roses, cardoons and tree mallow.