Architectural language of treehouses

According to the true definition, treehouse is a building or a platform that is constructed among/next to the branch and trunk of one or many mature trees. When described by the architectural language, they seemed like the unique artistic architectural works creating the accents among incredible nature. With diverse functions designed for apartments, offices and boutique hotels, treehouse still brings own language itself that surely makes guests a memorable experience. Let accompany with The Finest Magazine discovery the Treehouses worldwide.

Ta Nung Homestay Executive Office, Vietnam

Taken from the name of a small town where is well-known for blooming flower fields, coffee farms and endless pine forests, Ta Nung Homestay Executive Office is designed by MyAn Architects, situated 18 kilometres away from Da Lat City – city of thousands of flowers – to the West. This building is aimed to provide an environment-friendly working space for entire administration system of Ta Nung Homestay including 8-10 persons, having strongly connection between main spaces as well as auxiliary area.

With mindset of openness and collaboration, a huge terrace is located between the building not only to play a role like the main entrance, but also to be “a bridge” connecting the main office located on the East side and the main suite including living room, bedroom and other convenient facilities.

This “bridge” is trusted in the role of an ideal rendezvous to enhance people’s interaction while enjoying the spectacular scene toward pine forests with the chilly ambiance. In addition, the architects must ensure all basial functions of usual office are available while the inherent natural element of Ta Nung is allowed with apparition as much as possible into indoor space.

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In order to blur the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor area, huge glass gables are installed vertically from floor to the roof combining with pine wood which is popularly local construction materials. This creates a strong refraction for the Southern and Northern sunlight while maintaining the harmonious lighting for the indoor area.

Since Executive office is located modestly on middle of the valley and lurking in the pine forest, therefore, the yellow of pine wood covering outside of building creates interesting opposition with natural colour in daylight.

The maximum utilization of warmly lighting of the indoor area makes the entire building become “a lantern” among fanciful night day.

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House, China

Located 33 kilometers away from South of Huangshan City, Anhui Province, the endless red cedar forests and breath-taking scene of the Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area are the amazing inspiration for Bengo Studio to create its brainchild – The Qiyun Mountain Tree House.

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The house is wisely designed by steel structure pieces to the height of 11 meters, which equals its mature red cedar neighbours. It has sufficient functions for two families on same time and ensures privacy spaces for everyone. Standing front of the entrance, guests are attracted by a long-curved corridor with one side covered by glass glaze panel from floor to ceiling for unlimited view toward outside. It is followed by a spiral stair installed at the centre of the house that plays a role as “a guide” to seven separate rooms.

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With architects’ purpose connecting people closer while ensuring privacy, the living room and landscape room are designed on the top of house. According to architects’ intent, acreage of rooms is limited from six to nine square meters with the glass gable covering the opposite wall once guests enter into room to create an experience like immersing in the red cedar forests scene.

The problem with material construction is among considerations in proceeding with each architectural project, and The Qiyun Mountain Tree House is not an exception. To avoid any effects on natural environment like insects and diseases for local plants, the architects decided red cedar wood to be the façade material for the house, which helps to increase its unique beauty among majestic nature.

Tree House, South Africa

Upon the client’s request to build their home like a treehouse which can create the expansion sense of lush garden from all house’s positions, the architects of Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design figured out the inspiration from the timber cabin designs of Horace Gifford and Kengo Kuma to create “a unique treehouse” from pure geometry of a square with four cylinders for each side of square like as a pin-wheel layout plan.

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A solid steel structure includes column divided into four “trunks” made by the laser-cut Corten steel, reaching out the branches and passing through the circle frame system and floor beams above. This structure not only helps each cylinder geometry respond like as the main loading structure, but also shapes floor layout plans of treehouse. Combining with the façade covered by red cedar wood bars, it created the imagine like the house being in the state of suspender.

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The entrance is begun by “a steel bridge” to go inside the treehouse. The simple and modern living and dining rooms are wisely arranged on the 1st floor, the elegant bedroom and small bathroom are designed on the 2nd floor throughout a spiral stair arranged at one of cylinder geometry which plays a role as the main circulation between the floors. Especially, an outside area on roof deck is perfect for gatherings to enjoy the surrounding natural settings.

Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel, Indonesia

Ubud is a nice town of Bali, being well-known for the rainforest, terraced rice paddies and Hindu temples among Bali’s most famous landscapes. Here, the construction is considered to ensure the inherent natural environment on site. Therefore, designing the light architectural structure which not impacts on surrounding natural environment, saves cost and time is the challenge that Alexis Dornier passed through to build up Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel.

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Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel is an ideal destination for couples since the separate lodges with sufficient facilities are scattered on the landsite combined with a sauna room, a little pool, benches and a small recreational area among tropical forests.

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The lodge is designed by a strongly steel frame, divided into 2 or 3 floors up to room’s standard. A steel spiral frame stair is installed for each lodge as the entrance to go up the bathroom and bedroom with fully-furnished upstairs. The top of the lodge is a perfect position to have an amazing overview and relax the body and mind with simple armchairs and a tea table. The local and nature-friendly materials are utilized such as coconut leaves and bamboo.

Costa Rica Treehouse, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Treehouse is nested in a jungle site on Pacific Coast of Costa Rica which is well-known for an abundant ecosystem and vegetation.

This setting also inspires Olson Kundig and its client – a surfer and a nature lover – to create the building.

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Designed as an outdoor surfer lodge to cover landscape of Costa Rica in various ways, this house is divided into three floor levels bringing different feelings about the herein vegetation. The kitchen and dining rooms are situated on the ground floor which is immersed in vegetation at low level and covered by surrounding dense jungle. The living room on the 2nd floor with an opening area welcomes the atmosphere within the trees at the middle level into the house. Especially, the simple bedroom on the top floor is raised above the trees where the highest level allows a panoramic view to experience the Playa Hermosa beach’s sense as well as the surfing activities.

In order to adapt promptly to the sub-tropical climate, the architects turned the front-of façade into the sliding teak wood timber panel system that could be operated up to client’s need.

This not only allows daylight and natural ventilation but also ensures the security and privacy to always bring the beach air into the house.