Aman introduces two new destination-inspired fragrances

Aman introduces two new scents to its Aman Fine Fragrance collection, inspired by the brand’s flagship city hotel, Aman Tokyo, and the Utah desert retreat, Amangiri. The two new additions are designed to transport wearers to these iconic Aman destinations, with fragrance notes evoking the atmosphere of their diverse natural settings.

HARU inspired by Tokyo in full bloom

A fresh and energising fragrance, HARU takes its inspiration from Aman Tokyo. Set high above the city in The Otemachi Tower, the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows frame the skyline, where no two views ever appear the same. Changing with the seasons, HARU’s contemporary notes capture the city in full bloom, when the breeze is soft, and the blossom appears in full colour. Named after the Japanese word for ‘spring’, delicate floral layers mingle with soft apricot and green-tea accents on the smoothest musks. Warmed by the tobacco tonalities of mate leaves, the scent further reflects a sense of harmony and tradition found in the city, echoing the sentiments found not only at Aman Tokyo, but Amanemu and Aman Kyoto, also.

SEI takes its inspiration from Utah desert, the U.S.A

SEI is the second new fragrance to join the existing collection, capturing one of earth’s most alluring settings with a uniquely intense aroma profile. Evoking the feeling of nightfall in a silent desert, notes of pine needle and juniper rise through a haze of dry sage and lavender to reveal smoldering cedar and ciste labdanum. Both earthy and woody, SEI is rooted in the wilderness, where the daily rhythms of the Utah desert, and the renewal and rebirth that has defined this ancient region for millennia, speak to the soul of Amangiri – an iconic desert sanctuary.


Amanjena, Morocco inspires the birth of ZUAC

Providing a powerful sensory journey, the new fragrances mark further progression of Aman’s vision to expand outside of the parameters of its hotels and resorts, offering its coveted lifestyle in the comfort of home.


VAYU captures crashing waves and sweet citrus fruits of Amanpuri, Thailand

The two new fragrances join ALTA, VAYU, AYOM, UMBR and ZUAC in the existing fine fragrance, inspired by Aman New York, Amanpuri, Amanjiwo, Aman Venice and Amanjena, respectively.

Alta features the soaring skyline of New York City

Gender-neutral, the fragrances capture these locations, from the deep jungle energy of Indonesia (AYOM) to the crashing waves and sweet citrus fruits of Thailand (VAYU), and the soaring skyline of New York City (ALTA).

UMBR inspired by Aman Venice

All seven fragrances in Aman Fine Fragrance collection that was initially introduced in 2020 have been carefully created by master perfumer Jacques Chabert. Born in Grasse, the historic capital of perfumery, Mr. Chabert has created many complex and exquisite fragrances in his 50-years’ experience in the industry.

AYOM illustrates the deep jungle energy of Indonesia

Previously, the introduction of Aman Skincare in 2018 and SVA in 2020 has continued the holistic journey beyond the perimeters of Aman’s havens. Offering a soothing journey to a place of beautifully scented repose and respite, Aman Skincare represents the spirit of Aman in a bottle. Meanwhile, SVA’s range of all-natural food supplements allow Aman guests to maintain optimum health, supporting one’s wellness journey from the comfort of their own home.